Acupuncture Physician Amy O os is a caring healer interested in helping those searching for wellness.  Her goal, her mission, is to spend time with each patient, listening empathetically so that together you can evolve a plan that will lead to lasting wellness.

Dr. Oros has a B.A. in Psychology from Berry College and graduated summa cum laude with an MS in Oriental Medicine and a BS in Professional health Studies from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine.  Being board certified as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine and Acupoint Injection Therapy allows her to practice both acupuncture & Chinese herbology as a primary care physician.  She is also a trained Neural Therapist and practices "German Style Acupuncture," combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) and German Medicine known as Neural Therapy.  She knows, and has seen first-hand that there is great healing power in addressing old injuries and traumas so that they no longer greatly impact your health today.

Acupuncture and Neural Therapy performed by a licensed Doctor of Oriental medicine (DOM) can ease so many problems by treating the underlying cause of the symptoms, helping the body to get back into balance.  In a nurturing and comfortable environment that encourages good communication, Dr. Oros gives her patients the signals and supports that their bodies need in order to achieve long-lasting health and healing.   When you become a patient of Dr. Oros', any questions you have will be answered, and Acupuncture, Neural Therapy and its possibilities will be explained to you, encouraging you towards your best health.


P.O. Box 63675

Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Phone: 719-286-3800