Relieve anxiety thru natural methods

Anxiety is a common condition that causes both physical and emotional symptoms in those who experience it. People who suffer from anxiety often experience an increased heart rate, excessive sweating and an overwhelming sense that something is wrong. They may also have difficulty falling asleep while their mind is racing with worrisome thoughts. While many anxiety issues are caused by specific events, others may be caused by physical issues such as hormonal imbalances. Although prescription medications are available to treat anxiety, they often do little more than mask the symptoms.

For long-term relief of anxiety, many people have found that Chinese medicine offers a healthier solution that has fewer side effects than prescription medications. Through the use of natural herbs and methods such as acupuncture and neural therapy, you can begin to experience immediate and long-lasting relief from your anxiety symptoms. Over time, these natural methods help to restore the mind-body balance so that you can experience the freedom that comes from living anxiety free.

There are several herbs that are well known for their anxiety-reducing benefits; among these are chamomile, kava root and St. John’s Wort. These herbal remedies can be taken as tinctures, teas or even inhaled through aromatherapy. Not only are these herbs a safe way to ease anxiety, they have been used for thousands of years and have been proven to be effective. Unlike prescription medications, herbs are non-addictive and tend to offer other benefits for a person’s health.

Anxiety may also be caused by old injuries or traumas that may interfere with the way specific cells function. This can cause your body to remain constantly on edge as a defense mechanism against further trauma. In these cases, acupuncture and neural therapy clears the cell communication, thereby relieving symptoms.

For severe cases of anxiety, a combination of both herbs and acupuncture and neural therapy treatments offer the greatest solution for helping you overcome the worries that bind them.  What will you do with your life free from anxiety?!

Amy Oros, Acupuncture Physician

About Amy Oros, Acupuncture Physician

Amy Oros is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing Acupuncture and Neural Therapy. This combination of the two modalities provide natural, non-drug solutions to patients seeking highly effective, low-risk treatments.
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