Neural Therapy versus other injection therapies

In addition to “Neural Therapy” you may have heard the terms “Prolotherapy” or “Biopuncture.” All of these are treatments by injection of natural substances.  They are generally found in “alternative” practices, in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) facilities or by practitioners looking to treat with something other than drugs.  What, then, is the difference between all of these treatments?

Prolotherapy is used for chronic pain – generally joint pain.  Practitioners of prolotherapy can use a number of different substances (frequently dextrose) injected around joints and ligaments, and sometimes scars.  The treatment is localized to the area of pain to encourage growth of new tissue.

Biopuncture is an injection of homeopathic (micro-doses of plant and/or mineral) substances.  Biopuncture became more well known after it was featured on the Dr. Oz show.  This, too, is used to treat chronic pain.  Injections are made into a tender spot whether it be inflamed tissues, a superficial nerve, or knotted muscles.

Neural Therapy, practiced according to the founders Drs. Huneke, addresses old injuries, and traumas by treating cellular memories.  While Neural Therapy treats pain very effectively, it also addresses most all other symptoms from which you may suffer – insomnia, digestive disorders, migraines, emotional distress, autoimmune diseases, infertility, skin disorders, PMS – the list goes on.

Like the other modalities, Neural Therapy is also an injection therapy of natural substances.  The major difference is that the practice of Neural Therapy understands that what happens to your body, to your cells, has an impact on your health and well-being – whether it’s a fresh injury or a trauma from many years ago. The places that a Neural Therapist injects can be the same as the other two modalities.  However, we also inject in places other than joints or scars.  Injections are normally made into inflamed tissue, a superficial nerve similar to Biopuncture. Where we go, though, depends on each unique individual and what symptoms we’re addressing.  Because we treat so much more than pain, the options for “where” are limitless.  We look for tender spots even when treating symptoms other than pain.

You’r a body, mind and spirit wrapped up into the Whole You.  What happens to one part of you affects your Whole.  How and where is it all connected?  The purpose of the Neural Therapy is to help you peel back the layers and “clear” those old injuries from the cells, and thereby allowing healing to occur.

Amy Oros, Acupuncture Physician

About Amy Oros, Acupuncture Physician

Amy Oros is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing Acupuncture and Neural Therapy. This combination of the two modalities provide natural, non-drug solutions to patients seeking highly effective, low-risk treatments.
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