The Benefits of Acupuncture & Neural Therapy During Cancer & Chemo

There are many treatments available for a person with a cancer diagnosis – chemotherapy being one of the most common. However, chemotherapy can sometimes make you feel worse even as your health begins to improve. Patients undergoing chemotherapy often suffer from debilitating side effects such as nausea, fatigue, and indigestion throughout the course of their treatments. Many of these symptoms can also contribute to mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and anger. In many cases, traditional pharmaceuticals to treat these symptoms cannot be taken as they can interfere with chemotherapy or cause additional side effects. Fortunately, you can find relief from these symptoms naturally through acupuncture & neural therapy.

Physical and Mental Benefits
Acupuncture & neural therapy can offer several important benefits to those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. One of the most important benefits that this treatment can provide is helping you through what can be a very challenging period in your life. As you begin to feel relief from physical symptoms, it becomes easier to face your chemotherapy sessions with courage and strength. Simply knowing that you have control over your body can help you overcome the mental stress that can accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Natural and Safe Treatments
Another important benefit of acupuncture & neural therapy is that it is completely natural and will not interfere with chemotherapy. There are no artificial materials or medications given in an acupuncture treatment. This means that treatments can be conducted as often as needed to provide you with relief from your symptoms. There are also no restrictions placed on you following a treatment. You can leave your visit and resume a normal diet and exercise routine.  Additionally, your acupuncture physician can give you information on what natural foods can benefit your body during treatments.

Long-term Care for Better Health
Acupuncture & neural therapy treatments can be scheduled according to your specific needs. For example, if you struggle with nausea and digestive disorders following chemotherapy you may find it helpful to visit an acupuncture physician before your treatments. Additionally, many patients find that continuing acupuncture treatments after they have completed chemotherapy can help to safeguard against the long-term effects of the medicine, such as insomnia and memory loss. For this reason, acupuncture & neural therapy can be an effective method for helping you cope with every stage of your cancer treatment so that you can enjoy the benefits of renewed energy as your body’s balance is restored to health.

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Gratitude is Good

In the past years the knowledge that what we think attracts more of the same has been making its way into the mainstream.  Book after book has been written on the subject: The Power of Words; Quantum Success; Thoughts Become Things, Choose them Wisely; The Law of Attraction; The Biology of Belief; The Tao of Physics to name some of my favorites.  There are a growing number of scientists who now believe and postulate that through Quantum Physics we are continuously creating our own reality, bringing change through the power of intention and belief.  It’s pretty heady stuff.

So what if They are right?  What if They aren’t?  Seems to me that I’ll take the safe bet that gratitude is good!  The more grateful that I can be, the more that good things will come my way.  Better still is that I’ll feel so much greater.  Certainly some days are much easier than others to find that abundance of things for which to be grateful.  A lot of days it seems that I can’t find enough words to say thanks for it all.  And some days I struggle to find just one.  That’s okay.  I keep searching.  I keep looking.  And, amazingly enough, I keep finding.

What am I grateful for today? That I have created the opportunity to do the work that I love; that I am honored to share even a short portion of their journeys with my patients; that I can laugh and be joyful; that we’ve rescue two wonderful dogs to walk beside us and give us doggie kisses, and who have grown into 2 amazing therapy dogs – healing others in their own way; that I have the choice to Be and Do and Become and Say and Think and Give and Have and Listen Well and Love and Laugh; and, and, and, and, and!

Yeah.  So What. Maybe you say, “Amy, you haven’t had the circumstances that I’ve had.” I say, “Yes, you’re absolutely right.  And you’ve not had the circumstances that I’ve had.”  We’ve all had challenges. What can you be grateful for today, moving forward, from this moment on? There is always something for which to say, “Thank you.”

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Relieve anxiety thru natural methods

Anxiety is a common condition that causes both physical and emotional symptoms in those who experience it. People who suffer from anxiety often experience an increased heart rate, excessive sweating and an overwhelming sense that something is wrong. They may also have difficulty falling asleep while their mind is racing with worrisome thoughts. While many anxiety issues are caused by specific events, others may be caused by physical issues such as hormonal imbalances. Although prescription medications are available to treat anxiety, they often do little more than mask the symptoms.

For long-term relief of anxiety, many people have found that Chinese medicine offers a healthier solution that has fewer side effects than prescription medications. Through the use of natural herbs and methods such as acupuncture and neural therapy, you can begin to experience immediate and long-lasting relief from your anxiety symptoms. Over time, these natural methods help to restore the mind-body balance so that you can experience the freedom that comes from living anxiety free.

There are several herbs that are well known for their anxiety-reducing benefits; among these are chamomile, kava root and St. John’s Wort. These herbal remedies can be taken as tinctures, teas or even inhaled through aromatherapy. Not only are these herbs a safe way to ease anxiety, they have been used for thousands of years and have been proven to be effective. Unlike prescription medications, herbs are non-addictive and tend to offer other benefits for a person’s health.

Anxiety may also be caused by old injuries or traumas that may interfere with the way specific cells function. This can cause your body to remain constantly on edge as a defense mechanism against further trauma. In these cases, acupuncture and neural therapy clears the cell communication, thereby relieving symptoms.

For severe cases of anxiety, a combination of both herbs and acupuncture and neural therapy treatments offer the greatest solution for helping you overcome the worries that bind them.  What will you do with your life free from anxiety?!

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Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot

There are options that can help you through this flu season without a vaccine and its possible side effects.  Most important is to keep your immune system healthy to keep you from catching the flu bug at all. Herbs protect your cells naturally, making viral infection less likely if you are exposed.  If you do catch the flu (or even common cold) herbs can lessen the symptoms and duration of the illness, naturally and with no side effects.

Two herbs that should be on your first line of defense are ginger and garlic.  Add these in daily to keep your immune system vital and strong.

    • Ginger is a strong antioxidant, a natural antibiotic, and it kills the cold virus, while also helping with chills and fever.  It provides a protective, defensive layer for your body.
    • Garlic is a Superfood.  The active ingredient in garlic, allicin, is an excellent anti-microbial (it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites). It’s available in capsule form if you don’t wish to eat it raw or to cook with it (although garlic cooking is one of my favorite smells!).

Other herbs that are beneficial to your immune system:

    • Elderberry is a natural flu preventative, containing antioxidants and strong flavonoids. These protect your cells from viruses and strengthen your immune system. Elderberry Juice is high in Vitamin C (also a flu preventative) and contains proteins that inhibit the ability of flu viruses to infect your cells.
    • Cinnamon is another anti-microbial agent.  While boosting your immune system, it also fights for you and helps from catching the flu in the first place.
    • Astragalus root is high in phytochemicals.  These are plant chemicals (such as saponins and isoflavonoids) with disease-prevention properties, and benefits your immune system, causing an increased activity in your cells.
    • Ginseng has long been known to help the body resist stress and enhance its overall function. This increases your ability to resist viruses such as influenza and helps your body perform better in high flu season.

These are common herbs used by your acupuncture physician in many herbal formulas to hep bring you through the cold and flu season healthy and well.  For home remedies, these herbs can be easily found in the grocery store or your natural health food store.  Use them daily alone or in combination to keep you naturally healthy!

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Pain as viewed by Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine views each patient as a whole – mind, body and spirit – rather than the individual symptoms that you may have.  Pain – especially when chronic and intense – has multiplying effects throughout the body.  If you have knee pain, you may walk gingerly. This care that you take puts more stress on the good knee.  This can translate to back pain as you walk off-kilter long enough.  Intense pain or chronic pain also starts to have an impact on your mental well-being.  “Will I ever be pain free again.”  “I don’t want to live the rest of my life with this pain.  What do I do?”  “I can’t do X, Y or Z because it hurts too much.”  It affects your job, your home, your family, your work.  There is no end to these ripple effects.

Oriental Medicine, including acupuncture and herbal prescriptions, are excellent at treating pain.  Depending on how long and to what degree that you’ve been suffering will determine how many treatments you need.  While one treatment can have a great impact, if you’re body is “used to” the pain and the compensation that comes from the pain, you may require a number of treatments for your body to find a new, healthier, pain free base-line.

Questions that your Acupuncture Physician asks surrounding your pain tells a great deal about how to best treat you.   What is the nature of the pain: sharp, stabbing? Dull ache? Intermittent?  Constant? What makes it feel better: Hot? Cold? Movement? Rest?  Is it better in the morning?  afternoon? evening?  Where is the pain?  Each organ has a pathway that it travels through the body.  Where the pain is located and which organ’s pathway is involved gives your Acupuncture Physician options for best treating you.

Your constitution is also taken into account.  Are you more hot- or cold-natured?  Are you in a robust state or fatigued and depleted because of the pain?  Are you young or older?  By taking a look at your Whole You is, in large part, how Acupuncture and Herbal Prescriptions are so very affective at treating your pain.

What will be the first thing that you do without pain?

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Where is your “Where?”

A frequent question in a Neural Therapy treatment is “where.”  For example: “Where do you feel a sensation in your body when you speak of a difficult memory?”  There is no right or wrong answer.  It is simply what is true for you.

If you think about someone you lost – a grandparent, parent, beloved pet, child – “where” in your body do you feel that?  Perhaps your stomach gets tied in a knot.  Perhaps your heart constricts.  Perhaps memories of time spent with her come flooding to your head.  This is “where” your cells are holding that memory.  And cellular memories are different than those memories in your brain. When a cell has a traumatic memory – small or large – the functioning of the cell changes.

This grief – even long ago and long forgotten – can have an impact on how you feel today.  “Just deal with it,” “Get over it,” “It’s not that big of a deal” – moving on is not always as simple as that.  Significant events and traumas in life leave a scar – physical and/or emotional.  By clearing those memories, your health and healing can be restored.

By finding your “where” the trauma can be cleared from those cells.  Your brain doesn’t forget.  Your cells are able to let go with the right stimulus, and you can begin the “moving on” process.

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Neural Therapy versus other injection therapies

In addition to “Neural Therapy” you may have heard the terms “Prolotherapy” or “Biopuncture.” All of these are treatments by injection of natural substances.  They are generally found in “alternative” practices, in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) facilities or by practitioners looking to treat with something other than drugs.  What, then, is the difference between all of these treatments?

Prolotherapy is used for chronic pain – generally joint pain.  Practitioners of prolotherapy can use a number of different substances (frequently dextrose) injected around joints and ligaments, and sometimes scars.  The treatment is localized to the area of pain to encourage growth of new tissue.

Biopuncture is an injection of homeopathic (micro-doses of plant and/or mineral) substances.  Biopuncture became more well known after it was featured on the Dr. Oz show.  This, too, is used to treat chronic pain.  Injections are made into a tender spot whether it be inflamed tissues, a superficial nerve, or knotted muscles.

Neural Therapy, practiced according to the founders Drs. Huneke, addresses old injuries, and traumas by treating cellular memories.  While Neural Therapy treats pain very effectively, it also addresses most all other symptoms from which you may suffer – insomnia, digestive disorders, migraines, emotional distress, autoimmune diseases, infertility, skin disorders, PMS – the list goes on.

Like the other modalities, Neural Therapy is also an injection therapy of natural substances.  The major difference is that the practice of Neural Therapy understands that what happens to your body, to your cells, has an impact on your health and well-being – whether it’s a fresh injury or a trauma from many years ago. The places that a Neural Therapist injects can be the same as the other two modalities.  However, we also inject in places other than joints or scars.  Injections are normally made into inflamed tissue, a superficial nerve similar to Biopuncture. Where we go, though, depends on each unique individual and what symptoms we’re addressing.  Because we treat so much more than pain, the options for “where” are limitless.  We look for tender spots even when treating symptoms other than pain.

You’r a body, mind and spirit wrapped up into the Whole You.  What happens to one part of you affects your Whole.  How and where is it all connected?  The purpose of the Neural Therapy is to help you peel back the layers and “clear” those old injuries from the cells, and thereby allowing healing to occur.

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What is it with Neural Therapy and pork?

Those who have had a Neural Therapy (NT) Treatment with me know the closing “suggestions:”

  • Drink warm water for 24 hours
  • Note a change in your symptoms and where they change for 24 hours
  • No Pork -  ham, bacon, sausage or pepperoni
  • Call me if you have any questions

There are really no other restrictions with Neural Therapy.  Drink a glass of wine?  Fine.  Exercise or work out? Great.  Dietary Restrictions?  Only pork.

So what is it with Neural Therapy and pork?  Neural Therapy works to “clear” the space inside your cells as well as the space surrounding all of your cells (called the Extracellular Matrix or ECM).  If you’ve ever snorkeled or SCUBA-dived in crystal clear waters as well as in a lake you know there is a  BIG difference in the clarity of water.  If we compare that to the fluid in your body and cells you will get some idea of how a “cloudy” ECM could affect you.  When you’re diving in crystal-clear water you can see a long distance.  Similarly, communication between your brain and cells in a “clear” environment allows clear messages to be sent and received and therefore you have no symptoms.

If the ECM is cloudy (think muddy lake after a heavy rain where you have difficulty seeing your hand in front of your mask), the communication between your cells and your brain is difficult and distorted. Did the cell “say” that it needs more or different hormones?  Is it too hot or did it say too cold?  It’s difficult to “hear” with a cloudy ECM.

The way that humans process pork, in essence, clouds the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), this space between cells.  Additionally, pork has a lot of histamines (think allergies) in its cells and this clouds up the inside of each cell.  As you clear up this ECM with Neural Therapy, the pork simply makes it cloudy once again.

What does this really matter in healing?  Our dog Dusty (read the post “How Neural Therapy Found Me”) wasn’t progressing nearly as quickly as I knew was possible with Neural Therapy.  When I realized that one of the supplements that we were feeding contained pork I stopped feeding it immediately.  It was then that his healing took off in leaps and bounds.

Even without Neural Therapy, limiting or ridding your diet of pork can greatly impact the clarity with which your cells can communicate their needs to your brain.  Your body will thank you!

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

When was the last time you laughed so hard that your stomach hurt?  When was the last time you laughed so hard that you cried?

Numerous studies show how laughter reduces pain, increases blood flow to our hearts and brains, improves mood and decreases feelings of depression and anxiety, reduces blood glucose levels, creates a sense of connection between people among many other benefits.

I was recently reminded how important laughter is for our health and well-being.  And now, in the spirit of my health, I’ve been laughing for days.

This season, invite some silliness back into your life.  Even forcing yourself to laugh can start the process of true laughter.  Ofttimes, the sound of laughter can encourage others  to join in.  What kind of laughter do you have?  A guffaw?  A machine-gun?  A snort? A snicker?  The Santa (Ho, ho, ho)?

Who do you know or what do you do that makes you laugh the most?  Encourage that more.  There are loads of  websites for all kinds of jokes.  Go see a comedy show.  Read the comics.  Read the dumb-criminal section of the newspaper.  Play a game with your favorite people that encourages silliness.  There are even groups created just to laugh more Laughing Qi Gong and Laughter Yoga among a few.

Wake up in the morning and grab your belly, and LAUGH!  Out Loud!  Get your partner and kids and 4-legged companions involved (anyone who has owned a dog who sticks its head out of a moving car knows that dogs grin!).  Force it out at the beginning and soon it will come of its own accord.

This season when among friends and family have a friendly competition.  Who has the best joke?  Who can make the group laugh the longest?  The “belly-est?”  The hardest?  Pull out all the stops and just Laugh!!!  Your health will thank you!

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No Cold & Flu Season for You!

Just because we’re getting into “Cold & Flu Season” doesn’t mean that you have to get sick.  Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that you stay Healthy this winter:

  • If you’re exercising, walking the dogs, cutting wood, or otherwise working up a sweat while outside, keep a layer of clothes covering your skin.  When your pores are open to allow sweat or heat out, they also allow colds in.  By having a light layer minimally covering your skin, you can increase your protection against bugs.
  • Cover your neck! The back of your neck is an especially vulnerable place that frequently is left exposed.  In Oriental Medicine, the Bladder Channel runs along the back of the neck and is one of the first places “attacked” by colds and flu.  Keep drafts off your neck – A/C drafts, cold and wind in Florida as our temperatures fluctuate and wind and cold in other parts of the country.  Keep your neck covered especially if you’re sweating & in the cold!
  • Increase “warming” foods.  Your body “sees” food based on the nature of food as you digest it – warm, cold or neutral – regardless of what temperature the food is (cold or hot).  By eating more warming foods you will increase your body’s ability to fight off any attacks.  Ginger, scallions or green onions, garlic,  cinnamon, and magnolia or angelica root teas can help boost your immunity naturally.  Adding one or two of these a day to your diet can give you the boost you need to stay healthy.  Lamb is a very warming meat and makes a wonderful stew this time of year.
  • With all of the Christmas and Holiday parties, shopping, and travel you may not get as much rest as you’re used to having.  Everyone is different – you know best what you need for your body!  Give yourself the gift of health – take an hour for a cat nap or go to bed an hour earlier tonight.  Listen to your body – it will tell you what it needs!

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah!

(originally posted December 11, 2011)

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