Even 2 years post-COVID everything is still changing. Guidelines, regulations & recommendations continuely change. I am keeping up with requirements with your health and safety in mind. My office is open to treat you.


• Appointments are spaced far enough apart that you will be able to go directly into the treatment room, without waiting in the reception area. I am usually running on time, and will text you if I am behind or don't have the room ready. (If you arrive more than 15 minutes early for your appointment, text or call to make sure the treatment room is cleaned and clear, 334-3347).

• I change the linens between each patient visit and wipe down high-touch surfaces with EPA approved-for-covid wipes.

• I have a few diffusers that are diffusing a scentless mineral blend that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and supporting for your lung health.

• Face masks are optional. Please wear a mask if you would like or go without if you'd prefer. I will wear a mask if you would like me to. This treatment is for you and about you; I want you to feel comfortable inside this space of your treatment room.

• I will not ask your vaccine status.

• If you are sick, I will treat you. I am a medical practitioner - I am here to treat you and your symptoms - whatever they may be, whenever you need. If you are actively sick, I can take extra precautions to clean the office and ensure other's well-being. Having symptoms will not preclude me from treating you. It is what I am here for.

Your health and safety are paramount. I recognize that these past months have been a strain on many - mentally, emotionally, and physically. We'll address all of that in your treatment as you'd like. Acupuncture aids in improving immune response and aids your body in managing viruses that may come your way. It is also a wonderful tool for stress relief and other covid-related worries.

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