As you search for a practitioner with whom you would like to work, it can cometimes be helpful to read about the experiences of others. These are some of the letters I have received. It is an honor to walk beside you on any work that we do together. Amy Oros


My arm almost feels normal!  Its amazing how fast & good neural therapy works!  Its always amazed me, but this is truly a miracle after the constant pain I've been in from the lymph nodes!  It's awesome how great it now feels! Oh! And the nerves aren't bothering me!  I can touch my arm without being in pain again!  Woohoo!  Oh my goodness, I am really blown away!  I am so excited!  It hasn't felt this good since before my surgery [8 months ago]!

K.A., Melbourne, FL


"Dr. Amy Oros is an amazing acupuncturist.  I have seen several practitioners in my life and have seen more improvement in my health with Dr. Amy than any other physician.  Her approach is caring, nurturing, and healing - everything you want in an acupuncture physician.  And I have been amazed at how much more I am getting out of acupuncture and neural therapy combined.  Neural therapy has helped me shed old, outdated thoughts and let go of the baggage that was holding me back from living the best life I can.  I have grown more as a person since starting neural therapy than the last 5 years combined.  My energy level is higher, my aches and pains lessened, and my mental clarity brighter.  I look forward to what's next for me and know that my path is more open due to neural therapy.

A.D., Palm Bay, FL


"Having been to other acupuncturists, I was impressed to see serious physical results from my treatment at Acupuncture Health & Wellness in as little as the same day! Dr. Amy's services go beyond my former knowledge of acupuncture. I have been truly impressed and find myself looking for reasons to get back on the table. Thank you, Dr. Amy!"

Susan, Viera, FL


"Upon meeting Dr. Amy Oros, I was instantly drawn to her.  She has a gentle nature, a kind smile, and a laugh that is positively contagious. Acupuncture has always intrigued me and it was something that I thought might be fun to try one day.  When Amy speaks about acupuncture and neural therapy, she glows.  After seeing Dr. Amy's passion for her healing technique, I knew she was the one I wanted to try it with.

After my first treatment, I further understood why I was drawn to her. Dr. Amy is truly excited and passionate about what she does, and is genuinely happy to hear about my healing. It astounds me how in-tune she is with her patients.

Dr. Amy and her treatments have helped me heal physical scars.  Even more amazingly, though, Dr. Amy and the treatments have helped me heal my emotional scars caused by traumas throughout my childhood; scars from events that I didn't even realize were still haunting me.  Sometimes we discount our emotional health or think it is separate from our physical wellbeing.  In reality, they are completely interconnected.  With Dr. Amy's guidance, I have had physical and emotional breakthroughs. I have never felt more energized, excited, and free in my life!

Thank you, Dr. Amy, for your gift of healing."

Christina, Palm Bay, FL


"My husband and I had always been interested in acupuncture because of all the health benefits. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want anything to do with needles, but Dr. Amy dissolved my fear of needles! We both love the feel of Dr. Amy's office and at our first visit we were warmly greeted and made to feel at home. Her manner is so open and warm, and she is a natural healer. She helped us pinpoint some issues and led us on a path of healing. We found acupuncture and neural therapy to be highly beneficial and, combined with Dr. Amy's knowledge and compassion, a very powerful, all natural, healing method." 

J. and R., FL

"Approximately six months ago, I began training for the Space Coast Marathon.  During that training, I suffered bad injuries during a fall and was not able to continue my training.  I had been planning to run this marathon for a long time. I was deeply disappointed when doctor after doctor kept telling me that I would be better after several weeks of rest.  I then realized that I was losing valuable training time. Therefore, I continued to train in a limited capacity with my injuries.  Along the way, I developed other typical physical injuries that are associated with long distance running: Achilles tendon inflammation and right hip bursitis, as well as anxiety associated with training.

After meeting Dr. Amy Oros and discussing my situation with her, she invited me to her office and introduced me to Acupuncture and Neural Therapy.  After one visit, I immediately recognized the benefits of this type of therapy.  She had me up and running twenty miles pain free the next day!!

I was back on track with my training schedule and what I thought was a done deal was becoming a reality.

On November 27th, 2011, I ran in the Space Coast Marathon pain free with a smile on my face the whole way.  I finished 22nd in my age group.  I attribute this directly to the support and therapy that I received from Dr. Amy.

Dr. Amy's knowledge, professionalism, and compassion helped me to overcome my injuries and gave me the confidence to complete the marathon.  Her gentleness, sincerity, love for her work, and the deep desire she has to help others is evident by the way she interacts with her patients. 

Dr. Amy, you not only helped me reach a goal but you also helped me reach a place in my life that will give me the momentum to move forward."

Beverly, Melbourne, FL


"Dear Dr. Amy,

I came to you with a severe problem with anxiety. I was concerned about trying acupuncture because I had had an unsuccessful experience with it in the past.  Now after therapy using both acupuncture and neural therapy I am a very different person.

I am sleeping better and longer, I am less stressed, and I am better able to listen to my body. I am actually happier in my own skin. I've also noticed the building of more body muscle, definitely less pain, and a much greater confidence in myself as a person.

I am feeling well in my physical life and in my spiritual life. I trust more in myself, my life, and in the importance of reaching out for help when I need it.

Thank you so much for bringing me to this point of wellness. By seeking help and support for myself, I am better able to be me, and I am better able to encourage, support, and help others. I am blessed."

V.B., Melbourne, FL


"Dear Dr. Amy,

I have a huge fear of needles!  Being a former dialysis patient, I had decided that I was never going to have needles, especially multiple needles! stuck in me again. I had met you in a networking situation, but remember thinking to myself, How in the world can I refer people to this voodoo doctor.  But at each networking meeting, I watched you closely. I began to see your compassion for what you do and your sensitivity to people's needs.  I later learned that acupuncture and neural therapy could help my constantly painful Lupus (an auto-immune disease which causes chronic inflammation). I decided to take a leap of faith and made an appointment with you. The next day following my appointment, I was pain free.  I felt like I had a new body! I walked taller and stood straighter, my attitude was better, and for some reason I felt more confident.  And you were so patient with me explaining every detail as I was being treated.

I just want to thank you so very much for the knowledge and intuitive sense you have for your chosen profession.  You have helped me so much that it's hard for me to find the right words to express my feelings of appreciation and gratitude.  You are a master healer. Each appointment I've had with you has led me to a blissful state, both in mind and body.  Because of your quiet, healing presence, and your love and passion for your work, you are transforming lives and helping people enjoy life to the fullest.  Thank you for giving me a new life."

Tina, Melbourne, FL


"Dear Dr. Amy,

There are times when we don't completely understand the process, but we trust it anyway because of the person we're dealing with.  That's how I feel about my acupuncture sessions with you.  You are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about the modalities you practice. 

Because I lean toward a holistic alternative approach, I'm happy you decided to open your practice in Melbourne. I have had acupuncture treatments in the past for migraines, back pain and other issues and truly believe in the process, but what makes your practice unique and facilitates healing on a different level is Neural Therapy.  I will admit, I don't completely understand how it works, but it works!

It has been a pleasure referring my friends and family to your practice...and their comments are always the same: "I can't believe the healing I was painless! My aches, pains and migraines are gone."

I will continue to encourage my friends to consult with you; you are wise beyond your years, compassionate, and insightful, and I know they will be in the hands of a healing Doctor of Oriental Medicine."

Sherri, Viera, FL

"I'm 35 years old and an Air Force medical retiree.  In 1998, I injured my back and legs while constantly lifting boxes at work.  One day I wasn't able to bend at the waist.  The military physicians tried numerous things to help me but it never seemed like they really cared. I was 22 years old at that time, and that seemed too young to be in pain every day.  They diagnosed me with spinal stenosis.  I've had over five MRI's, seven steroid epidural injections into my spine, several physical therapy appointments, a few shock treatments, and I have been on pain pills for the last 12 years.  I retired from the Air Force in 2009 due to that back injury. 

Because I was in a lot of pain daily, a friend recommended that I see Dr. Amy Oros at Acupuncture Health & Wellness.  At my first appointment I explained my pain, and she was very interested in helping me with it.  A few seconds after we began the treatment, 70% of my joint pain in my lower back was gone.  I could not believe it!  As the treatment proceeded, I started to feel less pain in my whole body.  On a pain scale of 1-10, I had always been at a 7, and after my first treatment was finished, my pain level was at a 4.  Since I started treatment with Dr. Amy, I have not had to take a pain pill. Usually if I miss a day, my body tightens up more than usual, but not anymore.  Acupuncture and neural therapy with Dr. Amy has helped me more than any of the other doctors. I am very grateful her."

Ki, Melbourne, FL

"My visits with Dr. Amy were more than I expected in that I found her to be warm and empathetic.  I felt a strong connection with Dr. Amy.  She is kind, generous of spirit, and completely focused on me and my issues"

 J.S., Palm Bay, FL  



"Medicine is not a science but an art, and the true physician is nothing more than a skillful artist." German Physician Heinrich Lahmann (as quoted in Facts about Neural Therapy According to Huneke by Peter Dosch)


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